$ZOM + 92% on the day

$ZOM did very well today and get a really nice gap up.
I did not find any newest news than what we get on last week related to the new CEO Robert Cohen, but the stock look to climb and get some nice uptrend since long time.

On last year this stock was around $0,06 and know he is more than 10x what he was after the announcement of the third quarter financial result on Nov 12 th and from the Nov 13 th where they release that it expects to begin commercialization of its TRUFORMA™.

I will place the 120 day graph in the bottom to aloud you to see the main overview and stop this uptick.


Here is the link of the NEWS section of the company.


Here is the graph of the day.

Here is the 30 day overview.



Here is the 120 day graph

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