$XBIT +70% today on news.

XBiotech Inc send a press release on Saturday to inform than they had entered into a definitive agreement with Janssen Biotech, Inc. to sell XBiotech’s.

The stock who was on friday at $11.12 open the day at $22.80 for a 105% premarket gap up.

Unfortunately for everyone who was not in this stock on last week, the stock just go down and consolidate sideways around $19 mid day and finish the day at $19.50.

Here is the link of the press release.

Here is the graph of the complete day.

Here is the graph of the second day.
Start at $19 and close at $18.895 -3.10%

Here is on on December 14th the 60 day graph to see price action on long term. Today they send a press release telling thay will re bauy some share between $30 and $33.

Here is the graph of today to see the details of the gap up.

Here is the press release.

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