$WKEY + 100% in 6 trading minutes!

In general, I track here some bigger winners of the day with a bigger gap up. Why did I place $WKEY there? It’s because I see it gain 100% in 6 min on 1 Tweet and I find it interesting to keep traces of it here.


WISeKey International Holding is a cybersecurity company who use blockchain and AI. Yesterday morning was a quiet morning as usual but 1 Tweet changes everything. At 10h07 company Tweet than the CEO was with Elon Musk regarding the satellite coverage of the company.

The effect didn’t take long to be seen on the stock price.

I see the stock climb between 10h11 and 10h13 with higher volume and straight climbing price. I try to pick it on the move in the $2.60 area ut can’t get executed before it was halted.


After a few min he was in the $3.70 with a peak in the $4.20 area but did not last longer at this level and start to downtrend slowly with a nice little bounce around 11 but that’s it.


Here is the graph of the day:


On the 120 days chart, we clearly see than this single tweet push the stock to some level then he never reach by himself on a regular situation.

The $2.50 – $3 area is the highest where this stock can go in General.
He finally finished in the $2.50 area in a more “normal range”  but to see the rally of the morning was REALLY interesting.



Unfortunately, I did not pick it at the right moment, and I don’t think then there will be any other opportunity for this tweet. Perhaps on better news.

For your info here is the tweet who create all this hype.

But it’s really interesting to see the effect of only 1 little post related to Elon Mush on a stock.

It always fascinates me! ????



Here is the link of the news section of the company: https://www.wisekey.com/press/





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