We where waiting for the rise of the Giant: The GIANT WOKE UP!


This is the story of a gentle Giant who was asleep for a long time ago…


He could hardly keep his eyes open, but he wouldn’t give in in November 2014 due to restructuring of Aurbec Mines, Maudore’s subsidiary.


Fortunately, somebody smells the good deal and jump in the train with the acquisition of the mine and its processing plant, as well as several mining properties and projects.


There still was some hope.

Since this time, M. Renaud Hinse, Abcourt’s CEO had in mind to re lounch this big project.
This takes some time, a lot of effort and capital who come from the Gold production of Elder’s property who actually produce approximately 18 000 ounces of gold per year.


M. Hinse, planned at the last shareholders meeting where I was in December 2019,  then Sleeping Giant will be ready for fall 2020.


On October 12th they were ready for the initial underground explosive, followed by excavation sin the beginning of the next week….




  • The mine rehabilitation processes have been completed.
  • The initial blast will be done in some days.
  • The excavation work will be done after this.
  • The mill is still running and actually process the minerals from Elder 


The game plan was to be fully operational at Sleeping Giant for the next summer to double the actual gold production.. This is in approximately 8 month time frame


Ladies & Gentlemen, shareholder and potential investors,  you are reading an article about a company who lounched a Press release telling then THEY ARE READY  to DOUBLE PRODUCTION.

What do you think than this kind of news, released a Friday afternoon around 3, will produce  on  the stock price in the next few days?


Personally I get my point of view on this considering than I have gotten some conversation with some institutional investors  before covid who was telling me than they are watching this stock closely and only wait than the production really start again before to jump in.


Please remember than at this moment, the gold price was NOT in the same area the now and then all feasibility studies are done with profits with a gold price of 1200$ approx…
With the actual gold price, this could be the party every day for long term shareholders!

Who know’s what will happen to the next few weeks with a gold price who are back in the $1900 area and news like this….


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