$ABI – We are on the safe way!

YES, things are going well!!!

Yes, it took some time to repair the motor, but it’s the RIGHT TIME TO DO IT! Take 2 min to think a bit. Our goal is to restart Sleeping Giant and processes both Elder and Sleeping Giant in the same time. We need to get our equipment ready for this if we don’t want to get more problems and have to stop again in few months.

Of course, bashers will say than it was longer than what they said, yes, some delay could occur sometime, but if they use this time to repair old stuff at Sleeping Giant, as they did, it’s not some waste of time.
Personally, I prefer to see them going step by step and using time and resources cleverly to give us the chances to fix things properly to reduce the risk to get other problems.

Please don’t forget than Sleeping Giant is a mine who was stopped for a long time and production will not restart from 0 to 100 in a second but pressing the ON button.  We have to start slowly, see what needs to fix and act to fix this trouble. This is why they don’t say than we are in full production yet and will be later on this year.
We have to move forward step by step and be sure than our material, staff and facilities can take it properly, identify and fix the problems one after the other to stay safe and be ready to support full production shortly with a minimum of problems.

For the shareholders who bought some share at higher prices there is few months, I would say “don’t worry” OK, the share prices dip a little bit, but will climb again because all reasons why we were in the $0.20 areas are still there and what we are waiting in fact are the full production of Sleeping Giant.
I consider this period like an “opportunity to stack at low price” and it’s EXACTLY WHAT I DID!

And just to be clear, I ALSO buy some shares in the $0.20 area, but I’m there since a long time ago and my average is still low so my situation is different.

But there is no rush, bottom line, the motor is there, things are moving forward and share price should also continue to follow an up-trending line from now to this summer when we should be at the point than we are all waiting for.

Don’t you think?
Please share your point of view.

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