$VINO +95% today

Gaucho Group Holdings Inc develops and operates real estate projects located in Argentina. They are essentially working in luxury real estate, fine wines and leather goods and accessories.


They are actually in a mood to release some news…

We get one yesterday, here is the link,  we get another one today, but the one of today about their Amazon boutique bring some big moves on the shares prices and get a +95% move on the day considering then the previous one did not produce any significant effects.

Here is the link of the news, which is about the lunch on this online store on Amazon.


It’s a nice run, but the final part of the move, after 15h22 approximately, look like a big short squeeze and been halted before to fade out a bit at the end.

Can’t wait to see what will happen on this tomorrow to see if he continues to grow or get back to lower prices like we often see on day 2 of this kind of move.



This brings the kind of move than you can see here:


Here is a 30-day overview.



It’s the first big move since their public offering, back in February where they get listed on NASDAQ here is the graph of the previous 180 days to allow you to see the move.

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