$TOCA +105% on latest merge news

$TOCA get his real first green day after the merge news with FORTE BIOSCIENCES a  private company.

The news was release there is 3 days but the real impact only start today to solid gains.

Here is the graph of this morning around noon.

Here is the graph of the complete day move.
The stock finish at $1.90 approximately where he was mid day.

Here is the graph of the latest 3 days where you can see the small gap up of the first day and the late bump  at the end of the second day who was near of the 6 month breakout and lead to the real breakout of this morning.

Here is the 30 day graph

Here is the 6 month graph to see the breakout of this morning.

Here is the graph of 2 days, ( Friday and next Monday) to see what happens. TOCA still hold his gains.  Here is the graph.


Here is the link of the press release.

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