$RXDX +165% today!

Prometheus Biosciences, $RXDX is a clinical-stage biotech company who report promising result for his drugs related to inflammatory disease studies.

The results from his phase 2 studies about the PRA023 who is a treatment for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease showed significant improvements in achieved endoscopic response and in reaching clinical remission, make the stock to be near +180% premarket this morning to finish at $95.84 at the end of the day for a solid + 165% gain during the day.


As a direct competitor of Pfizer and other large company in the big pharma world, the news released by Prometheus is a good step forward in their process to get some eventual FDA approval in the next year.


Here is the graph of the day:


Here is the 30 day graph:


Let’s see what will be the move of tomorrow, if it holds his gains or if he will be down.



Here is the link of the company’s website:  Prometheus Biosciences Inc.

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