$NBY at +38% this morning but remember some nice runn.

I see NBY who did very well this morning. I track it because i remember a nice play than i did with this one there is a bit more than 1 year if i remember well.

I saw the spike, at $1.20, get in at $1,40 approx and sell it next day in right at the close around $2,99

This is definitely a stock than i will keep an eye on because he is able to spike big but he finally finish the day at $1.389 for a +23% on the day.
Not too bad but still a good day.


Here is the graph midday.

Here is the 30 day overview.


Here is the Press release.


Here is the general overview of my previous trade. that’s why i track this one… 🙂 i remember and want some more!


Here is the complete day graph.


Here is the 30 day overview at the end of the day.


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