$LMNL + 81% this afternoon on NO NEWS

The company send a press release to tell us then there is NO NEWS and no reason why the stock get this gap up…
LOLL .. that look like a nice pump and dump.

Here is the graph of today.

Here is the 120 days graph to get a general overview of the price action and volume.

Here is the link to the press release.

I check 5 days later (on dec 30th) to see what the stock did and if he hold his gain. We see than the volume and the price just make Up and down.

In fact there is 5 green candles who did this. Everything happens in 1h15 min. to be able to take a part of this kind of stock, we have to pick it quickly in the gap up and sell it quickly near the high.

Here is the graph with a 15 min view.

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