$KODK +160% again this morning with a wonderful morning gap up!

Here we are again!
Here is the link where i place the info of yesterday’s move.

This morning we get a technical break out WAY over the best price since last 3 years.
That the reason why we get this kind of morning rush this and the 274 Millions shares exchanged during the day…

I did’t get it early in the morning and did not want to take the chance to chase it too much but if i understand earlier i could try it… 😉
I place the graph of last 3 years in the button where you clearly see the 3 yrs breakout this morning.

Check the graph of this morning.


And here is the 30 day overview where we clearly see the morning gap up.


Here is the graph of the complete day.

Here is the 30 day overview.


Here is the 3 years chart where we clearly see the breakout this morning who create this kind of move.


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