$IMMP climb 64% After Efti Lung-Cancer Trial


$IMMP, Immutep Limited is an Australian biotechnology company, engages in the research and development of few pharmaceutical products.

They launch a press release this morning with excellent results of their study on Lung Cancer.



The stock start the day at $1,86 and climbs steadily to $3.90 before to fade out in the middle of the day and finally close at $2.62 for a solid + 64% on the day.

Here is the graph of the day:



This news brings a MASSIVE VOLUME of 70 million shares exchanged and it’s by far the biggest volume of the year.

You can check on the 90-day graph:



And here on the complete year to see the impact of the volume.

With this kind of volume, anything is possible.


Here is the link of the news that causes this.  : NEWS 


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