$ICCM + 177% today

$ICCM, IceCure Medical Ltd. Is a Israelian pharma company who is working on the developer of minimally-invasive cryoablation technology, that destroys tumors by freezing, announced yesterday after market close, interim results from the ICESECRET study for the treatment of patients with small renal masses (“SRM”) who cannot be offered kidney-preserving surgery.


This news release makes the share jump from the $0,90 area right through the $2,90 area at the market opening and to climb straight to his peak of $4,73 before to retract a bit and to finish his day at $2,60 at his 52 week high.


Here is the link of the press release for this news.


This brings lots of opportunities during the day to take part in the momentum.

Here is the graph of the day:


Here is the 30-day graph:



What is REALLY interesting now, it’s the point than they release a second news tonight after the market close to a public offering.


Here is the link of the latest press release.




Really can’t wait to see what will be the share movements at the market opening tomorrow morning.




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