$GTII the +140% of friday

I found $GTII on Friday afternoon. It gets a nice run around noon and tried to hold his gain very well through the end of the day to finish at $ 1,45 with 140% gain.

Here is the graph of Friday.

What is interesting is to check back the ease then this stick has to spike and to move fast on a few days in a row.

Check the 120-day graph.


I dough few hundred shares at $1,40 just to see what will happen during the weekend.

I was really happy this morning to sell them at $ 1,92 after only a few minutes after the opening of the market. When I check back to the share price on the day, I find than I size it well because he did not hold his gain very long even if he goes back to the $ 2.00 area for a few minutes.


Here is the graph of today.

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