$GME + 92%

$GME did very well today with + 92% on the day.

This stock has moved very well since his last press release on Jan 11th about the results of their sales for holiday seasons.
Before that this stock has been in the $20  area since a long time ago. Today he was at $147 per share.

This is UGHE!!!!

In fact, I make some research later and i found in fact than this is like a big short squeeze related to some action than small investors did against big funds short action.
This was on reddit.  Here is some explanations about what we see.

Here is the link of the press release.


Here is the graph of the day.

Here is the 30 day overview to see the move.


There is the graph of the second day



and here is the 30 day overview of the second day.


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