$GENE is spiking +136% in the afternoon

This stock open at $2.08 and is actually at $4.70 in a nice spike on new for commercial release related to breast cancer drugs.

Here is the mid day graph.

Here is the 30 day graph.

Here is the link to the press release who bring this move.

There is the graph at the end of the day.
He gap down a bit to close at $4.50 with +116% on the day with a strong close. I will check it tomorrow to see the rest of the move.

Here is the graph of the third day where he go up 45% during the day on a second leg.

Here is the complete day graph of this third day, on January 3rd

These 2 big candles in the morning look like some short squeeze of the one who tried to to short the close of yesterday night.

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