$FWP + 70% this afternoon!

Forward Pharma start to run this after noon!

The run start around noon. Here is the graph at 14h40 with 5,5 M Volume.
He start the day at$5.65 and close at $9.60.

Here is the graph of the complete day.

I don’t see any news yet, but here is the link of their website.

In fact for this one i don’t find any info at all to explain WHY there is this kind of movement.
I check the graph for long term and he reach the 52 week high approx but this don’t give to me any tips of the reason of this move and of this kind of volume than we get in afternoon. In fact, the only point than i can see know it’s the volume who get RELLY high if we compare to regular volume for this stock.

I will continue to check tomorrow and if i find anything i will post it here.

On day 2 FWP get down -15,42% with 305K volume only.
Here is the graph.

Here is the graph of 30 days to get some perspective.

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