$DPW up +71% since this morning.

DPW Holdings Announces Rebrand of Defense Business as Gresham Worldwide and Plans to Seek Access to Public Markets and get a nice gap up this morning.
Starting a $0,90 he his actually a $1,50 with approximately 4,4M Volume on the day.

Here is the graph

Here is the graph of the complete day

And here is the link of the press release.

Here is the graph of 120 days to check the impact of this news on a long term chart. There is lot of resistance but if the volume continue to stay high, this stock could continue to grow up. He finish near of hi high of the day. I will continue to check this.

On day 2 DPW get down -22,12% with 1,84M Volume.
Here is the graph.

Here is the graph of 30 days to see the move.

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