$ COSM + 72% and bring with him $AMIH for a + 166%



$ COSM make a really nice run up today with a solid 72% gain during the day. The healthcare group with proprietary lines of nutraceuticals and distributor of pharmaceutical send a press release this afternoon and announced that it has extended and updated its previously issued non-binding letter of intent to acquire ZipDoctor Inc. from American International Holdings Corp.

Here is the link of the press release.

In fact, the press release hit the mailing a bit after then we see the stock price start to climb, but right after the press release, the fun start for real and makes the stock climb from $4 ish to more than $6 per share only a few hours later.

Ok. The price drop a bit at the end of the day, but still in the $5 area who is not too bad considering the short period of time between the press release and the close.

Here is the graph of the day.




What is REALLY exciting as a trader is to see the spiking potential of this stock!

When you get a look on the 60-day graph, you see than this stock can make HUGHE SPIKE large volume and he did it there is not a long time ago!

Check the 60-day graph here.



I don’t pick it up in the right momentum and hesitate to trade it at the end of the day seeing than he was choppy a little bit but definitely keep an eye on it and will continue to see how he reacts on Monday morning for a potential run and definitely for a possible dip buy depending on the share movement.



What is also interesting it’s the movement of another stock $AMIH!

ZipDoctor is a unit of American International Holdings Corp who get the ticker $AMIH

Here is the link on the NASDAQ



$AMIH is a really inexpensive stock, with nearly any volume on the day before this news. What is interesting is to see the direct impact of what this press release.



We clearly see in the graph the time where the news hit!

This stock hold his gains, and I buy some at the end of the day to see what he can do on Monday morning considering than he still did a solid + 166% and finish strong. The momentum is important in this kind of thing.

Not a big position but only a few thousand shares to wait and see on the line considering than the retail market will check this during the weekend and considering than this one finish really strong, I’m positive about my expectation for Monday morning.


We will see on Monday!


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