$CNNA + 80% today!

$CNNA called Cann American Corp. who is a holding who is dedicated to developing alternatives therapeutics in the cannabis and hemp industries spike BIG today on the news of closing an acquisition deal with Liberty Health Plus.

This is an ultra-cheap penny stock.
The stock starts the day at $0.0056 and close at $0.0098 on an HUGHE volume of 96.5 million shares.


Here is the graph of the day:



It still makes few days than this stock was jumping if you check the 30 day graph, we clearly see then something is coming, the major part of the last month is in green colour and the volumes are nice.

This kind of news leaks a bit earlier in general and they release their intention earlier on but there is any certainties in these kinds of deals.


Here is the 30 day graph:


When we have a look at this stock on the long term, we can clearly see than this stock can spike big in a short period of time.
This looks interesting to me because I’m just trying to catch a small part of the momentum and run with profits.

I find it lake in the afternoon, scalp a couple % tree times before the close but did not hold over the weekend.

When I look at the 1-year chart, I think then I should hold it….


Anyway, we will see on Monday! But I’m happy with small gains and avoiding big losses.

Depending on the price action, I will perhaps buy on Monday morning…


Here is the yearly chart to give you an overlook.


Here is the link of the company’s website, but he didn’t look to work properly. Perhaps too much person is checking for them in the same time and the hosting is just overloaded.. ????


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