$CNNA +80% again!

It seems then the same patterns happened again and again in life,

Today we are back with a solid GREEN DAY for $CNNA with a +80% gain.


Here is the link of my previous post last week.



We vas near to the same kind of pattern today bot not exactly for the same reason.  Last Friday we got a morning gap + consolidation for the most part of the day and steady uptrend at the end of the day.


But today, even if we get the same kind of morning and consolidation, with a small spike in the beginning of the afternoon, the big move happened only near the end of the day.


Here we can thank the short sellers for their good job!
They bet on a fadeout in late afternoon but $SNNA hold his gains strongly and finish in a big, short squeeze at the end of the day bringing the price action from the $0.009 area straight to the $0.0125.



Here is the graph of the day:


When we look at the chart of the 30 days, we see some similar price action on volume higher than 75 million shares exchanged.

Let’s see how he reacts on tomorrow if there is some opportunity to grab here, but personally I will look for a morning panic.




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