$BSQR +206%

$BSQR who is a tech company who is offering some software solutions to businesses that develop  intelligent systems. They are doing this in 2 ways: they sell software and equipment manufacturers and help the client to design, deploy and operate intelligent devices and systems.

There i no real news but  this company did not make really good results since Febuary, until a few days ago the sentiment surrounding the stock seemed like it couldn’t get any worse. We see a bullish rating for INVESTORS OBSERVER’S Indicator and this brings this kind of move.

Is it the beginning of another SUPERNOVA pattern who will be moving up for a few days like we see early this year or is this will fail tomorrow morning? We will see.

Here is the link of the website of the company.


Here is the graph of the day:


Here is a 30-day overview:



and here check the 180 day graph to see what happend in Febuary:

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