We where waiting for the rise of the Giant: The GIANT WOKE UP!

  This is the story of a gentle Giant who was asleep for a long time ago...   He could hardly keep his eyes open, but he wouldn't give in in November 2014 due to restructuring of Aurbec Mines, Maudore’s subsidiary.   Fortunately, somebody smells the good deal and jump in the train with the acquisition of the mine and its processing plant, as well as several mining properties and projects.   There still was some hope. Since ...

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$APM skyrocketing on their announcement of launch of Aptorum Innovations. The morning gap Up is HUGHE on this one! It make long time than i did not see any nive one like this. Here is the link of the Press release of this morning. Here is the graph midday. Here is the 30 day overview to get an idea of overall move.

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$MRNS – reverse split

$MRNS get good graph today but it's only a reverse split stock. Here is the link of the detailed news. From my experience in the reverse split, there is lot of time where the stock valuation drop down shortly after this. I will track this one here to see the result on. I still post about $MRNS here for a +90% gain in a day move. Here is the link of this post.   Here is what ...

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