$ANX + 12% on the day!

For the one who are flowing this blog you know, than i’m invested in Anaconda since few years, in fact way before to just think about writing these articles.

I invest in this because I trust the potential of Goldboro who was from my point of view the big fish who can bring nice results and bring this stock to the next level… to make something like 5x or 10x my money.

The surprise of the day, is to see than the rest of Anaconda’s property are contributing to level up this stock too actually!

The latest news bring a direct impact of 12% and we are at noon! It also make a couple of times than we see these nice gap on these days and I still make some post about this there is few weeks ago.

I’m excited today because of the good jump of the stock related to the latest news. Here is what the 30 day overview looks like when I write this post.


Of course the actual price of gold is helping a lot in this move, all studies are done to make some money at a Gold price of 1200$ per ounces.

And about this point just a personal comment about those who gets a panic moment there is few days ago when gold get back from $2000 area to $1900 area. JUST RELAX!!!! All studies are made to be profitable at $1200 level.

  1. At gold price of $1200 level, we lock profit! Everything is fine.
  2. At gold price of $1500 level, we make a PARTY! We are super excited and talk about this to all of our friends who don’t invest in it at right time!
  3. At gold price of $2000 level, it’s just CHRISTMAS BEFORE TIME!

So even if it goes back to $1900 area, $1800 are or even in worst case scenario we get some very bad luck and the gold price get a “BIG DROP at $1500 level”… EVERYTHING IS FINE!!! WE STILL MAKE LOT OF MONEY!!!!

These small panics are something than I just don’t understand… Especially in stock market, I NEVER see anything climbing straight up forever without small consolidation or small downtrend…

But to go back to the main content of this post, with the global situation of today’s market who are around $2000 per ounces. If, like I do, you read a bit about the subject the is LOT of well known analyst who are thinking than this is just a beginning and this uptrend will last at least for 1 year and perhaps more depending on the global situation related to Corona-virus and global geopolitical situation.

Here is a graph of the gold price on 1 year.

With the global uncertainties than we actually get I don’t think then this uptrend will be finished shortly.

With my experience I see than all ‘bubbles’ even when they are on something not physical are lasting something like one year…  or something like this.
If we check the TECK bubble, the Bitcoin of the cannabis uptrend we clearly see than this last a bit and event more when there is some rock solid basement like on these days.


Warren Buffet himself announced yesterday than he will sell some placement in the bank industry to invest massive amounts in Gold and Gold stocks because he think then there is more upside in this field.
It’s a wonderful situation for the one who invest in this before this new ‘gold rush’  but for me and the kind of an investment than i make it’s not the most beautiful point!

What i found wonderful in Anaconda, it’s then we still get 100% of valuation WITHOUT any news or significant shift in the Goldboro overall situation.

  • The new of this morning is related to Stog’er tight deposit
  • The previous one about Magna Terra who get some good result with his private placement. (Magna Terra is partially owned by Anaconda and a good valuation of Magna Terra bring value to Anaconda’s share)
  • The one before was about mineralization reserve at the argyle deposit
  • The one before this about good  financial result in Q2 and shareholder meetings…


With what we are waiting from Goldboro, we could get some nice results!

  • We are waiting for 5 000 m of drilling  who is supposed to be complete and we are waiting for result in some nice area (East goldbrook)  who is supposed to bring some good results
  • Maybe it could be a good idea to aloud another drilling program in the same area shortly, I guess then it’s because they get some good results and want to confirm, proof or surf of the wave, but in all case scenario, it’s sound like good news for shareholders and there is some unconfirmed rumor about this actually… 😉
  • It was also question to make an update of the 43-101 to reflect the impact of the new gold price, this could help to valuation of the company.
  • And we are waiting for a full feasibility study for the end of the year


All these things are supposed to be released in next few month and if the stock makes some jump each time like this we will be more able to reach the level than I expecting for my long term investment.

The real Goal of Anaconda is to become considered as a serious mid tier producer  in few years….
There is lot of work than need to be done, especially to make Anaconda considered by bigger institutions, but we get card in hand to play and the game will have a happy ending with all assets than we actually get on our side.

They just need some time to develop them and shareholders who will trust in the potential of these stocks and will grab this at low price and keep them for the run.






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