$ANX + 11% on the day

Here is a stock where i invest in there is a long time ago and he looks to finally rise!

This is a gold producer located in Canada who get some nice potential and who is under valuated from my point of view.
Here is the link of the general info than i get on this one.

He climb during the day from $0.29 to $0.33 for a 11.86% on the day. Ok, for the one who follow my post on this page, you are looking for big gainers of the day, but this is  a stock than i invest in for long term…  11% in a day is always nice in a gold penny stock. 🙂

Here is the graph of the past 30 days to aloud you to see the trend and to understand why i’m happy about this situation. I thing than we are in an uptrend and hope than my long term investment will finally bring the kind of result than i expect for this kind of stock.


Here is the link of the news section of the company. 


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