$AMC did very well today +95%

$AMC, which is the larger movie theatre chain in the word from the US, Kansas is on the rise on these days.

He reaches some nice results today by raising price action by 95% after a press release telling than they will give some special offers and company updates by a new program.

Here are the details of the press release.


I still track this one for BIG MOVES, back in January 2021 we get a day with +301%.
Check graph!!!!  


He was in the $5-$15 area.

Now at $63!!  and still on the rise.

This is definitely something then I will keep an eye on to learn. At the bottom completely I will place the 180 day graph to aloud you to see the moves.


Here is the price action today:


Here is the 30-day overview:



Here is the 180 graph to see the power of this move:


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