$AACG +951% today on another pump

$AACG is a Chinese education company, gained 951% on another reddit WallStreetBets use and few other places just in to push the share-price op on no apparent news.
Here is the link of the news section of the company:

The IR of Creativity Global said earlier today than there is no news or particular reason for this big move. The share price jump on a 52M volume.

These kinds of market manipulation are a bit dangerous, from my point of view.
With no news, without any “real reasons” these kinds of move will bring to big losses for shareholders who hold these shares.

If you still get theses shares before, it could be a good idea to sell early in the move because we don’t know where it will stop and if you jump early, please be sure to get out early to don’t lose big.

At this kind of game, it’s sure than there is LOTS of person who get burn themselves.
Please be care and get out early to avoid disaster.


Here is the graph of the day.

Here is the 30 day overview.

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